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Jean Peau Österreich Intimpflege für Hunde und Kat

Jean Peau Forskin Cleaner en

Jean Peau Forskin Cleaner

Jean Peau Vorhaut Reiniger

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The area around the penis which is covered by the foreskin, is a possible source for infections due to the warm and moisty surrounding .Also sperm rest and urine rests are possible causes for infection which can lead to problems. When using the Foreskin cleaner on a regular base you can prevent these problems and it will cure infections which are already there Use the foreskin cleaner as follows; Put the bottle against the penis and spray some liquid in the opening of the penis. Keep this opening closed with your fingers and rub softly the liquid through the foreskin. After this let the liquid come out of the penis and clean it with a tissue. Repeat this 1 or 2 times per week.

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