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JEAN PEAU Fleece care (english)

"Eventually you want the best for you pet"

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JEAN PEAU Fleece care, a complete line of products, on the basis of natural herbal extracts, with a pH value which ensures the layer of the skin and fleece is not demolished, but even will be improved. The ideal way to solve several skin and fleece problems within manageable time.

But also for the daily care of your pet you find several products which ensure that your pets are and remain in top condition.

A daily fleece care for your pet should be exactly as ordinary as food, drink and sleeps. For this reason it’s best to teach your puppy/seal as from their first days their life to get used to this.

Jean Peau is already known for years for its qualitatively high-quality products which are also frequently used for pets which want to present themselves on their best during shows.

Why search when your pet shop has the solution!

“If skin care needs to be more than just washing”

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