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Ohrenpflege für Hunde und Katzen

Jean Peau Ear Care en

Jean Peau Ear Care

Jean Peau Ohrenreiniger

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With JEAN PEAU we developed a mild emulsion with which we attempted to go along with the regular care of the ear

CLEANING OF THE EARS. Ears of dogs and cats are very sensitive and it is because of this that sometimes they offer resistance against frequent touching or against the treatment of them. Nevertheless it is sometimes evident to inspect and clean the ears. Dirt and ear smear that piles up has to be removed and a possible infection has to be treated. The ear can be infected by several organisms, like bacterium’s and fungus. Neglect of an inflammation can lead to affection of the eardrum. When this occurs, it can happen that also parts of the internal ear are being damaged. This can lead to much pain, to a disturbance of the equilibrium and even to deafness.

THEREFORE: Clean regularly the ears of your pets.This can be done by means of our ear care. WHY: It is evident that e product is able to penetrate, that it is sticky enough to absorb dirt and ear smear and that there is a sufficient concentration to dissolve a possible ear stop.Our product meets with these demands. It can occur that pets shake the head and the earflaps in order to remove the administrated product. They react like this as a protest and it is a very usual behaviour.

We can to the cleaning of the ear in two parts:
1. The cleaning of the auricle.
2. The cleaning of the ear.

1. Cleaning of the auricle.
Take a rag or cotton pad with a little product on it and clean carefully the auricle. It is the best to wind a rag around the finger in order to remove the dirt and the excessive ear smear. The cotton pad can be handled with the hand or with a tweezers as you prefer. Wrinkles that cannot be reached with ones finger, can be cleaned with a cotton tip. Drenched with the product.
2. Cleaning of the ear.
Apply some product in the ear. Massage the basis of the ear, while you hold the tip of the ear with your other hand. Clean the ear with a cotton tip, that is brought in the ear, parallel to the side of the head, to avoid damaging of the eardrum, or by means of a soft rag.

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