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Jean Peau Shine Spray en

Jean Peau Tangle Repair en

Jean Peau Tangle Repair

Jean Peau Tangle Repair Entfilzungsspray

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For combing through and not getting entangled from the coat and to use like a lotion
Tangle Repair is a fine combing through spray which has also a not getting entangled working. You can use the Tangle Repair like a comb help as well as a lotion with a caring working. Do you find a felting in the coat than you can put the spray directly on the felting place, working in and after that carefully comb out. Besides that the Tangle Repair is also an anti-static spray. The Tangle Repair is also suitable as a lotion for white and light coloured coats, this due to the adding of a colourless oil.

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